Heated film

35 mm


Solo exbition at Tag Team Studio 16.2-4.3.2018
Arranged by Galleri Fisk and Tag Team Studio 

Album photography is a format that on the one side is recognition able and including for the viewer. A brief look is often all one needs to give a sense of the environment the pictures have evolved in. Every generation’s photo albums have their own distinctive visual features, their typical characteristics mirrored in choice of motive and technique. These kinds of photographs are introverted objects that for the included/privy refers to concrete situations. They tell personal stories.

“Søkerøyet” presents an installation put together of the photographic material I have worked with so far. The images are my grandfather`s and mine, shot with the same camera and put toghether in a non-linear story. In addition to this, I read my own written texts every Sunday at 13 pm. I wrote several of the texts during the exhibition period, and they are about the specific exhibited images.

Readings of Chapter 1-4 (in Norwegian) can be found here:

Photos by Thor Brødreskift

Photos by Ingrid Skåland Eriksen

Reading “Kapittel 1”
Photo: Jasmine Børresen

Reading “Kapittel 3”
Photo: Felipe Garcìa Pachon 


1.12-3.12 2017

As part of the group show “Lokaler til leige” I exhibited my grandfather`s and my
own photographs, both from the same camera.  It was a play with scale, value and focus.